#98 Rescue a Dog from a Shelter

About My Pup
1. Her name is Ivy, but I call her Blue Ivy Dingo.
2. She is a Husky crossbreed and they think she has some dingo in her.
3. All she wants is cuddles and to be near someone.
4. She's super playful, but not overly energetic.
5. She's very well-behaved, minus tearing through our back screen door to try and get in when we're not home.
6. She's a rescue dog from RSPCA.

Since I moved to Australia I've been missing my little dachshunds back in the U.S.  My dad kept encouraging us to get a dog, but we weren't home much and had a few holidays planned.  We didn't really think much of getting a dog.  However, this past year I've been pining for a pup!

I normally get a dog from a breeder and pay $$$ for one, but I started following the RSPCA Facebook page for my area and just kept an eye out for a dog that would suit us.  Then this gorgeous girl popped up one day and their description of her being a people pleaser and just wanting cuddles sold me.

They often say "you know when you know" when thinking of marriage, but I felt this way the moment we met Miss Ivy.  She was at a park with her carer, roaming around.  Once we showed up she came up right away for some love.  We watched how she interacted with the dogs and people at the park and were SUPER impressed with her behaviour!  She didn't run off or bark immensely (like my pups at home) and she was slow at approaching dogs then wanted a play.

We knew that day we wanted to adopt her!  We only paid $450 for everything.  This is an adoption fee to cover desexing, microchipping, up to date vaccinations, worming and flea treatments and caring for her.  It may seem like a lot, but when it pays for so much and Ivy was all set to come home with us right away!

Adopting her was probably one of the best decisions we've made and I couldn't be any happier!  If you're looking into getting a pet, I would hope you'd consider checking out your local shelter or rehabilitation animal groups in your area.

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