Loch Sport, VIC

Photo Credit @clobert

Upside to Spending Time in the Country Life
  1. Destress from everyday life
  2. Spend quality time with friends/family
  3. Go "off the grid," but still access to be connected
  4. Get moving
  5. Happy mood when you get back to the city

I got a chance to fly to Melbourne, VIC this week during my break from work.  The first couple of days was spent in Loch Sport, VIC, a small country town near the 90 Mile Beach.  I thought I currently live in a small, regional town, but this place changed my opinion.  This town has it's charm though.  It's my second time visiting and I'm sure it won't be my last.

It was nice to getaway and relax with friends.  However, I'm so grateful to be in the city.  Country life, for me, is great to getaway to and refresh your outlook on life.  I miss being in the city or near the city.  It's what I've grown up with and it's what I like.  I just don't enjoy being so far away from friends all the time.

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