Living in the Land Down Under

Steps Towards My Visa Approval
  1. February 2014 Applied and approved for Work and Holiday Visa in Australia
  2. June 2014 Moved to Australia
  3. April 2015 Applied for my Partner Visa in Australia
  4. June 2015 Started working as a Full-Time teacher in Australia
  5. Dec 2015 Ended my first year teaching in Australia
  6. Dec 2015 - Jan 2016 Went home to visit my family and friends in Orlando, FL
  7. April 2016 Visa being processed & was asked for more information
  8. May 2016 Still asking for more information for my Visa
  9. 1st July 2016 Visa is approved!

Basically, that's where I've been this past year.  Let's just say this process isn't easy and way too lengthy for anyone's liking.  I just want to stay with my partner and finally I get to do this with less anxiety.  I can't even count the hours, days, weeks, months and years spent collecting proof and filling and filing paperwork.  Not to mention the money that we paid! But it's all worth it and I look forward to continuing my living in Australia!

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