Japan: Ramen Bowl

When I used to hear "ramen" I would think of microwave noodles with a seasoning packet with way too much salt.  (Top Ramen anyone?)  Well,  the real Japanese ramen bowl deal is where it is all at!  We went in winter and nothing tasted or felt better than a nice hot, steaming bowl of ramen!  And they were everywhere!

One cool thing was seeing a "vending machine" to place your order.  Quite efficient!  No matter where I went each bowl was absolutely delicious. Now I just have to find a way to make it this good at home now that winter is coming.


  1. i recently went to the ramen place in orlando and it was deeeelicious! first time i had proper ramen. we got there fifteen minutes after it opened for lunch and the line was already long! so worth it. xo

  2. I love Ramen. My boyfriend and I eat at every Japanese restaurant we encounter just to see which one has the best Ramen. :D