List Item #91: Tokyo Tower

One of the things I wanted to do was to check out a view of Tokyo, all of Tokyo!  At first I wanted to go to Skytree because it was taller and you could see more.  However, the days that worked out for our schedule ended up being the day it was closed and really rainy.  So, we decided to go to Tokyo Tower instead because it was open on the clear day.  (**Keep in mind of the days each attractions are open and their prices before you decide to go.  Tokyo Tower is the cheaper option and still gives great views.)

I'm terrified of heights and I got nervous while approaching the tower, realizing how high I'd be going.  At Tokyo Tower you have two levels to choose from and we decided to pay a little more for both levels.  You take an elevator up to the first observation deck, which also has glass bottoms for you to stand on and view below.  (I could barely peak over the glass, let alone stand on it.)  There are a few activities and a mini shop at this level.

Then we went to the top for a better panoramic view of the city.  The wait for the elevator at this point may take a bit because it's only one lift now.  (There are about 3 elevators to the first observation deck.)  It's amazing how far out you can see!  Check out Mt. Fuji in the next two photos and the Skytree poking out. 

Tokyo Tower/Skytree Quick Tips:

  1. Know what days each attraction is open beforehand.
  2. View the prices and decide what fits in your budget.
  3. Book ahead of time! (Especially for Skytree, we didn't book ahead for Tokyo Tower.)
  4. Bring your camera.
  5. Walk around the area of the attraction to take pictures of the structure itself. 

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