Japan: Disneyland & Disney Sea

One thing I was looking forward to before heading off to Tokyo was the chance that I could visit Disneyland (again)!  I lived in Japan when I was a toddler and apparently went to Disneyland Tokyo at 3 years old, but who remembers that far back?  Luckily we had plenty of time to spend in Tokyo and we managed to visit both parks!

Disneyland is similar to Florida's Disney World: Magic Kingdom, most of the popular rides are here.  Plus, various rides from other parks in Florida will be found here.  This is in Japan so everything is in Japanese, which is an interesting experience.  (Especially C3PO panicking in Japanese.)

Disney Sea is such and interesting place!  It's pretty different to what I'm used to and felt like a whole new world. (See what I did there?)  It was raining when we went, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Few things that I found interesting:

  1. The attention to ALL the details here!  Way to step up the Disney game Tokyo!
  2. SO many ears to choose from!  Not just the mouse ears hats & headbands, they even had ones for the martians in Toy Story!
  3. Disney goers sure enjoy dressing up from head to toe!  AND in groups!  
  4. In Florida Disney employees are to remain happy & upbeat, and they do, BUT Tokyo's employees take it to a new level!  And it's a genuine happy attitude.
  5. You think lines are long at Disney World (FL)?  Take those lines and multiply them by 2 or 3 and you got the normal lines in Tokyo.  No exaggeration!  Thank goodness for Fast Passes.
  6. POPCORN!  They sell these fun plastic buckets to wear popcorn around you to easily eat and go.  And the flavors!  Some interesting flavors of popcorn with a WIDE variety!  They did smell delicious.

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