10 Things I Miss from the US

Since relocating my life to Australia I've had to adjust to life not being so "convenient or easy to get" as it is back home in the US (Florida).  I was in a city for a few months and was around a variety of shops & places, but not like in Florida.  Then moving to a regional town took it to a whole new level.  No matter where I go in Australia certain things haven't made their way to this side of the world.  It's an interesting adjustment, and something I can easily live without.  But I still miss them.

10 Things I Miss from Florida/USA:

I'm used to living in humidity and I never thought I'd say my hair misses it!  I'm out here in dry heat and my semi-dry hair has taken dryness to a new level.  I'm also used to having this baby easily available to purchase.  I miss how it would moisturize my hair without weighing it down, protecting from frizz, an instant heat protectant and so much more.  (It's in the name 10 hair miracle fixes!)  I can't even find where to buy it online and ship to Australia!  I've found other products from this brand, but I need this particular product.  May need to ask the parents to send a few bottles over.  (Anyone have any other good leave in conditioner suggestions?)

Oh yum yum yum!  If you're from Florida, mainly central Florida, you may have heard of Tijuana Flats! This is by far my favorite place to eat in the world.  I'm one of the biggest fans of Tex Mex and the prices here are amazeballs!  Hello Taco Tuesday! (2 tacos, chips, and a drink for like $6! NO WAY you'd get that here in Australia!  It's considered "cheap" if it's around $10 per person, but that's like fast food cheap eating.  These meals would go for anywhere between $20-30 per person.  But I'd happily pay that here if I could get a Tijuana Flats Chimichanga!

I used to be a person who would shop only trends cheaply when I was younger, then it seemed like every month I was needing to buy a new bag because it started to fall apart.  Now I'm all about simple/classic looks made out of materials that would last.  I miss Kate Spade because my bags ALWAYS remain in good condition, despite daily use, and may be a bit more costly than what I'm used to but still very affordable!  When leaving for Japan I realized I wanted a backpack purse to carry around, but I couldn't find one I liked and that I felt would last.  If only there was a Kate Spade store (or OUTLET like in Florida) to pick up one!

First off, there is no Super Target here.  Second, most Target stores is mainly just clothes, accessories,, some make up and a few home necessities here.  (K-Mart is the better store to go to in Australia.  Odd, I know.) Third, doesn't have the VARIETY of things as they do in the US and definitely not at the wonderful easily affordable prices of Target!  I miss the Super Target section of beauty care, clothing, home necessities and the season trends in home and fashion.  Not to mention the $1 DOLLAR SECTION!

I have yet to find a craft store that I really like here in Australia.  I miss Michaels & JoAnn's tremendously!  I can't easily pop into a craft store and instantly pick up what I want while knowing it'll be there.  I miss paper products to make cards/mail to send to loved ones.  I miss the random products for various DIY projects.  I love seeing things made on ABeautifulMess.com, but I soon make a sad face because I know getting those materials aren't easily found and may need to be done online.  (Don't they know I want to make the DIY project NOW?!)

When I would get bored at ANY time, weekends, days off, or even after work, I would pop on over to Disney World or Universal Studios because I had season passes.  Even though I kept going there for 3-4 years for an average of 3-5 times per month, I never got bored and always found something fun to do.  (I still get giddy thinking about the time my friend Victor and I spent 23 straight hours at Disney! We were going for 24 hours but I died.)  I miss our random little adventures.

Again on the trend of buying clothes that are classic and would last, I miss Anthropologie and getting to try on the clothes before buying.  I loved this store after becoming a teacher because the clothes I bought were work appropriate and my casual style.  I can still purchase from here because they luckily ship to Australia, but I miss trying on the clothes and seeing them in person.  (Why is it clothes look different online versus in person?) Plus, I miss their sales in the stores!  My petite size got some pretty good deals in the past!  Still have 3 of my favorite dresses I wear from there.

I am big on purchasing books and magazines in digital format mainly because I was moving to Australia.  But I miss have the paper format at home to look at while relaxing at home.  I'd still keep old magazines to look through again.  There's still magazines here in Australia, but not all of the ones I read at home make their way to this side of the world.  (And not to mention the prices.  Instead of $3-5 per magazine it's about $8-10 per magazine.  Definitely can't buy as much as I used to.

I've been on a hunt for a good quality tumblr cup here, but I haven't found one I liked.  I miss miss miss the ones from Target (cheap & trendy)!  My teeth enjoy drinking any drink through a straw, especially coffee and tea.  There's been one or two I've come across, but none nearly as cute or made of material that felt it would last. I've been lurking Ban.do and Etsy for some tumbler & coffee cups.

Make up make up make up.  After watching beauty YouTube channels for months I become a fan of luxury make up but not always the prices.  However, there are a few things that I like to spend a bit more on and I miss Sephora for their wide variety of choices.  I also love how the staff is so knowledgeable and give honest advice.  (Laura Mercer silk creme foundation is now my favorite foundation thanks to a lady who suggested it for my skin type and coverage desire.)  I love how they use this tiny device to take quick pictures of different parts of your skin and email TONS of options of foundations with suggested colors for my skin tone/color.  They finally got a store on the east coast and it seems it's (slowly) making its way to the west coast! WOOHOO!

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