List Item #90: Visit Japan

There's just absolutely TOO much to post about my experience in Japan in one post!  I decided to create a post for each of my favorite parts about our trip to Japan with tons and tons of pictures.  I recommend everyone to take the chance and visit this country, especially Tokyo.  It's got to be on my top list of favorite (& cleanest) cities ever!


Japan: Ramen Bowl

When I used to hear "ramen" I would think of microwave noodles with a seasoning packet with way too much salt.  (Top Ramen anyone?)  Well,  the real Japanese ramen bowl deal is where it is all at!  We went in winter and nothing tasted or felt better than a nice hot, steaming bowl of ramen!  And they were everywhere!


List Item #91: Tokyo Tower

One of the things I wanted to do was to check out a view of Tokyo, all of Tokyo!  At first I wanted to go to Skytree because it was taller and you could see more.  However, the days that worked out for our schedule ended up being the day it was closed and really rainy.  So, we decided to go to Tokyo Tower instead because it was open on the clear day.  (**Keep in mind of the days each attractions are open and their prices before you decide to go.  Tokyo Tower is the cheaper option and still gives great views.)


10 Things I Miss from the US

Since relocating my life to Australia I've had to adjust to life not being so "convenient or easy to get" as it is back home in the US (Florida).  I was in a city for a few months and was around a variety of shops & places, but not like in Florida.  Then moving to a regional town took it to a whole new level.  No matter where I go in Australia certain things haven't made their way to this side of the world.  It's an interesting adjustment, and something I can easily live without.  But I still miss them.


Japan: Disneyland & Disney Sea

One thing I was looking forward to before heading off to Tokyo was the chance that I could visit Disneyland (again)!  I lived in Japan when I was a toddler and apparently went to Disneyland Tokyo at 3 years old, but who remembers that far back?  Luckily we had plenty of time to spend in Tokyo and we managed to visit both parks!


Japan: Temples & Shrines

There are tons of things to see and do in Japan, especially in Tokyo.  One of the wonderful things to do to learn more about the Japanese culture is to visit shrines & temples!  One thing that we found fascinating and respected was that throughout their history there was a mutual respect for everyone, especially when it comes to religion.  We got to see a shrine in Ueno Park, which you can do TONS there! Click here for 15 things to do in Ueno Park!


The Fault in My Fears

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” ― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

First off let me say this is NOT a review of the movie or book.  I won't mention the story that John Green wrote, but only something that clouded my mind while watching the movie recently.

I have some time on my hands since I've been working as a relief teacher and I've watched this movie quite a few times.  And it still gets me crying, every time.  Although it was mainly due to the story shared onscreen, it also was my own fears clouding my mind.

While watching this movie, I realized that my life has been a bit "lucky" compared to others.  One thing I'm trying to let go is that of my fears that something might happen.  I can't begin to write down the things I worry about daily or thoughts that grow in my fears.  For a while there I somewhat lived my life being afraid of actual life.

Since about 2013 I've really tried to push myself past those fears and start really experiencing all that I can out of life.  I've always been grateful for the life that I was given, but it's now about putting that life to good use.  (So to speak.)

Not only has my Lifetime To-Do List encouraged me to experience more, I have people that push me to do things and let go of the fears.  Although this book left me (initially) with a terrible pain, I'm now left with even more inspiration and drive to keep living life to the fullest.

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” 

Sneak Peek in My Japan Holiday

I'm back from Japan, settled/unpacked, and back to daily life.  I'll share my trip to Japan in more detailed posts for each section I'd like to share!  In the meantime, here's a sneak peek:


Japan Holiday

We're off to Japan for a holiday in the next coming days.  We're spending time in Tokyo for some tourist attractions and such, then up to the mountains to Sapporo for some snowboarding!

I've asked 2 things of this trip: Disney Land/Sea & a visit to a Sanrio store!  Doesn't seem much, but the little Asian child and Florida Theme Park Girl inside of me is yearning for these!

We've planned to do a bike tour around the city and see some staples like Mt. Fuji and (hopefully) Tokyo Tower.

I was 3-4 years old the last time I lived in Japan, so I really know nothing.  My parents gave some tips, but they haven't been there in over 25 years too.

Have you been to Tokyo or Sapporo?  Any tips or suggestions?


Esperance, WA

Esperance, WA is a beach town just south of where I live now.  It's the closest beach to us with a 4 hour (roughly) drive.  It's an easy drive that I don't mind as long as it is during the day.  This past weekend was our second trip down and a bit warmer to enjoy the beach more.  Saturday was a bit chilly for my liking, so we spent the day driving around and on the beach for some fishing spots.  (I spent time finishing a book I had been reading.)  Sunday we spent a long day at the beach and a quick drive around Cape Le Grand National Park

Downside to the trip though, driving home just after twilight and hitting a kangaroo on the way home.  Not a good feeling.  We're completely fine and the car was slightly damaged (only a small plastic piece needs replacing),  but don't think it was the same for the roo.  

Loving my GoPro and getting to take it on some more adventurous trips than a regular camera!

Hellfire Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance, WA


Happy New Year & 2015 Goals

Happy New Year to everyone!  I rather enjoy the coming of a new year.  I love setting personal goals for myself, on a larger scale.  I hope to grow and learn each year.  Some resolutions, or goals as I like to refer them to, are cliche (always good to get healthy) or personal.  In some way, they help me grow as a person.

My 2015 Goals:

  1. Become closer to an Australian citizen. My time is limited on my current visa, but we're hoping to extend that to a more permanent visa.  I want to be able to get a full-time teaching job here in Australia, and that won't be feasible with what I currently have.  I want to know more and more about the culture and daily life here.  I would like to read up about Australian history, luckily being in some Aussie classrooms have taught me some minor things.  I would like to experience more Aussie adventures.

  2. Read & study up on primary education.  I've got a bit of time on my hands since I'm not teaching full-time and I'd like to read and research on some things that are out and about in primary/elementary education these days.  I want to stay relevant and grow as a teacher.

  3. Continue becoming more creative. I'm really enjoying my education blog (Fishing for Education) and creating resources for TeachersPayTeachers.  I've gotten some feedback, and I'm enjoying what I'm doing.  I also want to create things for my future classroom, and I like to share with others who may also enjoy them.  Plus, the Teacher Blogging Community is very inspiring!  I would really like to create a scrapbook for my Lifetime To Do List.

  4. Don't let fear hold me back from new things.  I hold back a lot in life because I'm afraid of things.  I don't know why I'm really scared, but I think it's mainly because I have a fear of new things that are not familiar to me. Luckily I have someone who pushes me to do new things without being too pushy that it shuts me down.  (Quite encouraging.)

  5. Eat healthier options. I'm a sugar addict and appreciative of the fried foods (Hello fries!), but I also have some digestive issues.  The best I felt was when I was pescetarian, but I also wasn't eating wisely.  I eat just the tiniest of meat these days (I love chicken!), but I want to be wiser about my choices.  To fully do so, I need to educate myself on what works for me and try new recipes.  (Thank goodness for Pinterest!)

Here's a review of 2014 Goals:

  1. Get Creative! - Well, I did get a little more creative with my blogging.  I expanded some of my blog post ideas here on this blog and decided to share more.  The most creative I got was when I created an education/teaching blog to share my stories of a teacher and create resources for other teachers to use.  

  2. Get Moving!  - This was all about going through with the idea of moving to Australia.  It had been lingering in my mind for a few years and we decided it was time to move.  Got my Holiday Working Visa and have been living in Oz for about 6 months.  

  3. Find Inspiration in Life! - One reason I don't document my life too much is carrying around my DSLR camera is heavy and I'm too self-conscious to take pictures in public.  My boy got me a Go Pro 3+ camera that is easy carrying, I just got to get out more and take pictures!

  4. Get Organized!  - Pretty good on this goal!  We even moved into our own place and it is pretty clean and organized here.  I even have ALL my paperwork together neatly into a binder.

What are your goals/resolutions for 2015?