Holiday Gift Guide for the Bloggers

Here's a quick Holiday Gift Guide for all your blogger friends out there!
1. Leatherology Passport Cover // I got this from a friend when I moved to Australia.  Some bloggers get a chance to travel the world or enjoy writing posts based on their daily travels.  This is a great gift for those travelers to hold your passport and tickets!

2. Drinkware // A blogger is constantly on their computer and writing up posts, so most of us enjoy our coffee!  These fun drinkware pieces are great for all bloggers.  They're trendy & practical!  Everyone drinks. 

3. Urban Outfitters Portable Charger // Ever been out and about and just lose all your battery power on your phone or portable devices.  A portable charger this size is great for nearly anyone and every blogger!  It's small, so it fits anywhere, and it has a USB plug to fit nearly any device!  This will help power up the blogger and their handy devices!

4. Audiocubes Earphones with Mic // I love a great big ol' comfy headphones, but when you're on the go you need a portable set that is also practical.  I love these because not only do they have gold hearts but also a microphone attached to make voice notes and answer calls! (Great for the blogger on the go!)

5. A Beautiful Mess 2015 Planner // I'm so excited for how much A Beautiful Mess is expanding with products these days!  I love nearly everything they produce!  These planners are not only fun and stylish, but very practical for keeping a blogger organized!

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  1. Great picks! I really love the organizer by A Beautiful Mess!