Getting my LOB on!

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Today is the day I'm biting the bullet and chopping my hair off!  It has been nearly 9 months since my last chop, and now my hair is down to around my mid back.  I have pretty thick hair and I'm living in Kalgoorlie where it can get quite hot during the summer months (which I'm currently in).  My hair has become quite the hassle for me and I'm just ready to let it go.

I'm sticking with the Lob (Long bob) trend because I've been eyeing it for several months now.  Usually I enjoy my long hair until it gets annoying to maintain for me.  When I decide to cut it I like to wait and hold it off until I realize my mind hasn't changed.  Before it was easy because my dear friend Kara would cut my hair and knew exactly how I liked it.  Now I had to find someone completely new now that I'm living in Australia.

I like this trend because it's long enough to play around and style, but short enough to lighten my head.  Plus, if I want it long again I only have to wait a few short months to grow out because my hair grows pretty quickly.  (Luckily!)

These are the images I'll be bringing with me & what I'll talk about with my stylist:

  1. Focus on this length.
  2. Talk about adding layers, but not thinning my hair.
  3. Show how I like to normally style my hair.
  4. Another reference on my styling.

I'm a bit nervous because it's with someone new and in a new place.  Wish me luck!


  1. oo i love a long bob! i especially love the layers in a long bob because it creates such great texture and movement. can't wait to see photos!

    1. I love the long bob with layers because I can go a while without needing a cut/trim. It's easy to grow out.

      I'm still getting used to it, but keeping it straight is SO easy and only takes 5-10 minutes to do my hair now! (I don't even need to straighten after a blowdry!)