Getting My Teacher Groove Back On

I'm currently super excited because I got to be back in the classroom after nearly 5 months of waiting and looking for work in Australia.  It took nearly 2 months to process my paperwork and get registered.  Once I got approved we found out we were moving from Perth and the schools were currently on school holidays while we waited to move.

After a short week of emails to schools in this area, I got a call back for the school within walking distance for me and got to get to work the day after I had a meeting.  They're very friendly and seem eager to let me work at the school.  (They called me later in the week to schedule 3 days this coming week!)  I had another meeting later this week with a school a little further away, but still within the area.  They instantly booked me for 5 days this month.

I'm hoping these two schools will keep me busy enough as other schools are nearly an hour drive away.  I've got my fingers crossed for full-time work next year, but I may have to sort my Visa situation before that's allowed and it may also take a while.  For now, I'm happy for the relief work and to be in the classroom again.  Looks like this move was an all around good choice!