Kalgoorlie, WA

We made it to Kalgoorlie, WA, but it sure was an interesting 6 hour drive from Perth.  Rain?  Apparently, a little out of the ordinary for this region.  Upon the first few days here we spent most of our time driving around Kalgoorlie, checking out the area and viewing places to stay.  Hopefully we'll find a place and be all moved in soon.  (Hotspotting my mobile is sucking up my data and I want my internet back!)

It was my birthday a few days ago and I was one lucky girl to receive a Go Pro Hero 3+!!  (I've been wanting one badly since we went on holiday to New Zealand.)  I have a fish eye adapter for my Canon DSLR, but that can get quite big carrying around and I'm too nervous to take that adventuring.  I love the wide angle lens, I was able to get a shot of the entire Super Pit!   Hopefully we get some new adventures on our plate and put this Go Pro to work!


  1. Those are some pretty impressive photos! I love the clouds and sky. Also, I still haven't gotten your letter. The post gods are against us lol

  2. Poo! I wonder how it got lost! :( I'm moving into my new house on Friday and I'll work on your letter while I wait for the movers! (It'll have my new address, so hopefully it will make it out to you.)