Friday Inspiration: Foodie Blogs

As I've been waiting to move and start relief teaching, I've been home a lot during the day.  With all that time I've been keen to cook up some new dishes for lunch/dinner.  I'm not a cook, but I find I'm pretty good when I follow recipes that appeal to me.  Normally I would just search on Pinterest and pin my favorites to my boards (food, vegetarian, healthy, baking).  However, I've been finding myself reading foodie blogs regularly.

Here's a list of my Favorite Foodie Blogs:

1.  Damn Delicious is by far my most favorite foodie blog because it appeals to my cooking style the most.  Normally, when I'm working and busy throughout the day, I don't like to spend hours upon hours cooking.  (I'm just a lazy cook like that.)  These recipes are usually quick and simple, easy to follow.  It's amazing how the blogger was just a regular cook in the house, no formal training, just started off with a simple blog of organizing recipes into a full-time job.

2. Love & Lemons is a new one I have discovered.  For about 5-6 years I was a pescetarian, which meant I didn't eat meat besides seafood.  This was due to having stomach and indigestion issues.  One summer, while working at a summer camp, I decided to just eat from the salad bar and having tuna on my salads for protein.  I found myself feeling better and having no stomach issues, plus losing 12 pounds.  I kept up with it until recently, but I had to switch back.  This site mainly focuses on veggie dishes!

3. I am a Food Blog is a nice, clean blog with some interesting recipes. I love them because they're inspired by her favorite restaurant meals and what she has in her kitchen.  I enjoy this because I don't really plan my meals ahead of time and I usually try to figure out something based on what I'm craving or what I have available. Plus, she wrote a book!  And check out that spam recipe!  If you live or grew up in Hawaii like me, you've got a soft spot for spam.  (I know, I know, I don't try to think about it. Spam Musubit anyone?)

4. Minimalist Baker is a blog just for me!  It's goal is to provide recipes with 10 ingredients or less and about 30 minutes time!  This is great for cooks like me, beginners, or if you have a time crunch and need something quick.  (No more microwave meals people.) They also have a store that provides an cookbook, e-course in food photography, and more! I also love how they organized their recipes.

5. Tone It Up - Recipes, this is a bit of a cheat because it's not really a foodie blog. is mainly a fitness blog of Karena & Katrina, but they've also incorporated recipes.  I love their recipes because they focus on healthy recipes that help with weight loss or maintaining your weight.  They provide recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, but ALSO for cocktail drinks!  You can see the transformations from the community and see they definitely help to keep you looking and feeling healthy.

BONUS: The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle is a bonus because it doesn't focus on recipes for meals, but more about baking! Seriously, check out how she makes the cookies look so yummy and fun!  There was a time when I loved to experiment with baking, and I still enjoy it.  She has great basic tutorials and recipes to get the perfect sugar cookie or icing to help you make these.  (Her site even inspired me to take up a cake decorating class with my friend.)

What are your favorite Foodie Blogs?


  1. i love love+ lemons! some great recipes on there :)