Review: The Giver

The Book
I'll be honest, I was the girl in my 5th grade class that didn't pay any attention while my teacher read this to us.  Why?  Because I judge a book by its cover and the cover scared me at that age.  I never knew what it was about, who the characters were, and what happened in the end.  Fast forward 19 years and here I am, so disappointed in my younger self for not pay attention or reading this book for myself.  (I was into non-fiction books at that age with photographs and images that captivated me.)

This was a book with a dystopian society before it was cool.  I couldn't imagine having my life planned out like how it was in that book because my parents encouraged me to go for what I want, as long as I had ambition.  I was intrigued to read this recently because of the movie being released this month.  It was a quick read for me and one that raised a lot of questions about this society.  At the end, I was left with "Where's the rest?" lingering in my mind.  Interesting to find there are more in the series, but that don't feature the main character.  I hope to read the sequels to see how this society pans out.

Have you read The Giver?  What do you think?

Side Note: Just saw the movie and I enjoyed how it translated from the book.  Most people argue that movies ruin the books.  I like to look at them as two separate things and compare them.  The movie did quite well, but some things were changed from the book.  However, I understand these changes as they supported the film. I think it's worth seeing!

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