List Item #87: Vacation in Bali

I'm a little late with writing this post as we went vacationing in Bali over a year ago in July 2013.  To most people from Australia, especially in Western Australia, a trip to Bali is quite common.  It's technically cheaper than visiting within the country.  I was excited to go to Bali because it would be warmer weather than the Australian winter, but not too extreme that it would be unbearably hot.

We stayed in a wonderful resort in Semiyak called Amadea. Gorgeous place, even in the small room that we were in.  Apparently, it's a nicer place to stay than Kuta, which is the popular tourist attraction. (Kuta is where you go to party.)

It was a great trip and quite affordable/cheap.  We got to eat at some nice places all over, Potato Head is the one that stuck out the most. We hired a driver that we knew through someone and he showed us around, taking us to the Monkey Forest, temples, beaches, volcano, etc. On our last night we got to eat on the beach, which was a nice feast as we watched the sunset.

However, I did get what they refer to as Bali belly.  You've got to be careful with the water, even when they serve tea and coffee. We did a tasting in the mountains of a variety of teas and luwak coffee.  (That's the coffee where they use the beans from the poop from the Asian palm civet animal, you may have heard about it from the movie The Bucket List.  Jack Nicholson's character was all about it.) I had the slightest taste of the coffee, put off by the process, but I had a bit more tea.  The next day my stomach wasn't feeling it and we spent the next 2 days splitting time between in bed and on the toilet.  It didn't leave me until I had to fly home to Australia then back home to Florida.  I recommend drinking and eating to just flush it out of your system.  My boy was better well before I was, but I was too nervous to eat that it lingered in my body a bit longer.

Even after that, I'd still go back again!  It was fun and there was plenty to do.  I just won't drink anything that doesn't come from a bottle.


  1. I have read your "about" page and I really think this blog is amazing. I asked few years ago my boyfriend to make a list with the things he wanted to do before being 30 and he never did it! Now he is 29 so he's running out of time...My list was very small, there is one thing still pending but the one of the main things was to learn French and this year I passed my french exam (DELF) yeaaah! congrats to me : )

    Beautiful pictures by the way!

    Lots of love

  2. LOVELY :)

  3. Looks like a great time in Bali!

    Too bad about the Bali belly. I had a similar issue in Thailand last year, definitely not a fun way to spend a couple of days on your vacation!

  4. Just followed your lovely blog! And wow! Bali looks absolutely breathtaking. I guess it really is as beautiful as the pictures. Hope I'll make it there some day.


  5. Bali looks incredible! It is definitely on my list :)