How I Got Into Beauty Bloggers

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I would have to say that I really didn't get into, nor understood, make up until maybe 3-4 years ago.  I knew the basics and how to keep things looking natural.  However, I didn't know there were techniques, tools, and tips to help everything come together.

Here's how I got into the beauty blogging phenomenon and what changed in my beauty routine:

1. YouTube & Beauty
One night, out of bored, I was searching through YouTube and came across a video about how to perfect the winged eyeliner look.  This was during the time that YouTube predominately was for viewing music videos, only a little of the "How To" videos we see today.  I can't remember the exact video, but that was the first thing I wanted to know.

2. Beauty Products
I was the type of girl who didn't spend too much on beauty products and only got them at drugstores.  Now, don't get me wrong, I still go to those drugstores and I still think they're great for make up.  My first non-drugstore purchase that was a little pricey was the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner (in Perversion) at Ulta.  I say pricey because I hardly would spend $10 on one item and this more than doubled that. It was definitely worth the price because it was what I wanted in a liner.  Easy to use, blackest of black on the eye, and definitely stayed on all day.  From there, things just grew.

3. Trying New Looks
I was always the girl who wore very little in high school.  It was just a powder, light/pale pink eye shadow, and mascara my mom bought me when I was 15.  She felt the powder was good to help block the sun.  It was pretty much that same simple look for 10 years, but maybe add in a blush and some eye liner.  Beauty Bloggers on YouTube sure helped me experiment with looks and find out what I really like.  I still keep it simple most days, but on some occasions I like to pump it up a little more.

4.  Hair Tips
I've got a pretty thick head of hair and it's mostly been styled straight.  Sometimes the beauty bloggers would post hair tutorials and I learned how to curl my hair and the tricks to keep it curled.  (Luckily my hair holds a curl.)  Nowadays, I mostly will curl my hair and I can usually get it done within 10-12 minutes.  Plus, I learned how to style with braiding, did my own up-do for an event, and found cute everyday styles.

5.  Reviews
Ever come across a product, but unsure if you should spend the money?  Their reviews are awesome!  Sometimes some of them get products ahead of their release to try out and get the buzz going.  And they're honest, not paid to say something.  Through their reviews I've found the right foundation that works for my normal to dry skin (Laura Mercier), fell in love with the beauty blender, and be exposed to new products and how to use them.
Do you have a Favorite Beauty Blogger?
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  1. I hardly wear any makeup, but I am looking to experiment more. I will definitely check some of these out. I follow a lot of hair bloggers on YouTube, and they've been invaluable resources.


    1. I found Casey, link #2, the best one to experiment new looks with! She has wonderful tutorials and tricks!

      I've been lurking YouTube for hair cuts and styles for a lob. (Got to get it cut soon.) :)

  2. I am new to YouTube beauty videos too and now I really like them. There is so much to learn and you're right, their reviews are very handy! I see you like Essie Button ... Me too. Much of my recent purchasing has been influenced by what she has to say. And now I'm going to check put the others on your list!

    1. I love Essie for everything it seems like! :) She has such great taste in everything.

  3. Thats a great post.
    Would you like to follow each other? G+/Bloglovin/FB/Instagram/Twitter?

  4. Nice review! I also check from time to time beauty bloggers, soooo practical!

    Love Michelle Phan and also Tone it Up!

    Lots of love

    1. I LOVE the Tone It Up girls! I usually do their workout videos!

  5. love this! definitely going to have to check these bloggers out!