Blogging Tips: All About the Post

As a beginner blogger, I focused too much on the "look" of my blog and changing/rearranging my layout.  (Especially in the LiveJournal days.) Up until recently I still would only update posts less than 8-10 times a month.  This isn't something bad, but my posts would only have a few with good content.  I've noticed personally that I get more interaction in the blogging community by posting better content.

1. It's about quality over quantity.
For a month I tried posting more.  With this I was putting up posts that I had very little passion about and lacked some quality in what I was saying. Just like how often you post, the length of the post doesn't matter either.  It's all about the quality, so take your time with your writing.

2. Post what you want to write about, not what you think others want to read.
This is a big no-no.  You end up posting something you don't care for and the quality diminishes.  Readers can see through this and won't have a connection with you.  Post what you have passion about and be real to your own voice.  The readers will take a special liking to you and your blog.

3. Organize and reread your posts before posting.
I do this and still need to go back and fix some errors after publishing a post. As I read, I think to read as if I were an outside reader, this way I get a new perspective.  Sometimes I feel what I say can go two different ways, and I like to go back to clarify and make sure what I want to say gets put across.

4. Setting aside some time to write your posts and scheduling them for later.
I used to write a post on a certain day and feel like I need to post it that day, then I read about scheduling your posts!  What a life changer for us bloggers from back in the day.  There are days I have the complete motivation to blog and others that I just get too distracted and focus on other things.  I like to write at least 2-4 posts in one day and schedule them for the future.  This way I can still live my life and spend time with others, but really get into something I enjoy on my own.

5. Brainstorming your posts and thinking like a blogger.
Sometimes you may come across times where you feel like you've got nothing to write about.  I used to be this way, but the posts kept coming non-stop once I really starting thinking like a blogger.  How do you think like a blogger? We you see things during your day, you start to see it as inspiration to help generate new ideas. For example, when finding a job started to bring me down I tried to encourage myself to be strong and just keep going.  This inspired last week's Friday Inspiration post Be Strong. If you ever get stuck on posts, start thinking that way.  Or check out the web or Pinterest, because I've seen some wonderful blogs that share ideas for blog posts.

What has helped you with your blog posts?

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