5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out goodreads.com

If you're a huge reader, a reader who reads from time to time, or just someone who enjoys reading, then goodreads is the site for you! I was introduced to this site about a year or two ago, but it wasn't until recently that I got into it.  I was in a rut of what to read next and didn't really have anything on my list, now I have too many to keep up with at the moment.

Here's 5 reasons why you should check out goodreads.com:

1. Finding new books to read!
This is the main reason I got into goodreads.com.  I was in the biggest rut and lost on what to read next (before the books turned into movies boom we've had this past month).  I was introduced to Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl and this is a book that I personally enjoyed.  I'm a sucker for supernatural stories and it seems like goodreads knew that.

Turns out that once you have a certain number of books reviewed under your account (20 books, I think), they offer some suggestions based on your reviews.  This is where my introduction to the Caster Chronicles came into place.

2. Reviews are genuine and gives you different perspectives.
One series I was obsessed with was The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, at least for the first 2 books I was.  When I got into book 3, City of Glass, I stopped halfway through the book and nearly forgot about it for 6-8 months. There was something in the plot that I wasn't feeling, then I read a few reviews because I got curious about the book.  The reviews are by readers like you and are genuine.  You get the good and the bad.  After a few reviews, I refreshed my memory of what happened in the book and quickly finished it.  I ended up really liking the last half of the book and wish I never gave up on it.

3. Monthly newsletters that offer some suggestions.
There are a few books in my "Want to Read" queue now and before I never really had that type of list.  Now, I don't know when I'll catch up to the end of that list because it's ever-growing. What I love most about the newsletters are that they showcase books and authors of all sorts of genres.  I used to stick in my fantasy bubble when it came to books, thinking they were the only kind to keep my interest.  Although they're still my favorite, but now I've got some non-fantasy books under my belt.

4. You open your eyes to books you would normally never read.
This ties in with #3, in my experience. I stick to my comfort zone in nearly everything I do. With the newsletters, reviews, suggestions, and just browsing, you come across books you'd normally never pick up.  (Let's face it, we sometimes judge a book by its cover.) My favorite is to just click on books and read their summaries that are featured when you look up other books.

5. Interaction within a community.
Not only do I connect with my friends, but also other people from around the world.  They sometimes even have events you can attend to in your area.  Not only do you find suggestions for new books through newsletters, browsing, and such, but you can check out what your friends are reading.  A few of my friends just finished Gone Girl, and now I'm intrigued. Oh, and I forgot to mention about the conversations you can have about a book you enjoyed with others who enjoyed it too!

Do you have a goodreads account?  What do you think of the site?  Make sure to find me


  1. i used to use good reads when i was in high school to keep track of all the books i would read! now, 6+ years later, i've lost track of all the books i've read but i would like to always get more recommendations! i'm going to see if i can slowly start updating my goodreads account - and add you of course!

    1. Yeah, I started it when I was in college but never really caught up. I started using it again when my friend has been updating it. I love it! So many recommendations I would never normally find on my own. :)

  2. Cool website/resource! I'm always looking for my next solid read, so thanks for sharing :)