New Zealand Adventure

Photo by: The Remarkables & Queenstown, NZ Facebook

I just two days I'm off to Queenstown, New Zealand for some more cold adventures.  My boy wants to go snowboarding down some mountains (like pictured above), and I'm skeptical if I'll ever take another chance on a board or attempt skiing.  I'm not an adrenaline junkie.  I spent a lot more time in the lodge the last time we went snowboarding and had a snowboarding lesson.  It's not that snowboarding scared me, it's mainly because my paranoia sets in when flying down a slope and fear of heights overtakes my body that sends me into a panic.  However, I'll push myself out of my comfort zone and just do it.  (This is due to the fact I got a buddy in NZ that agreed to be snowboard buddy.)

I more excited to put my Canon DSLR to good use!  I've been slacking using my old friend and seems a lot of money to keep him in a bag.  We signed up for a boat tour that takes you to some of the Lord of the Rings and other movie filming locations.  I'm a Potter girl all the way, but the film did showcase some interesting and appealing landscapes.

As if moving to Australia nearly two months ago was enough to get me out of my comfort zone, let's attempt to get me on my feet down a mountain!  I will have to document that experience, if it even happens at all.

Have you been to New Zealand? Queenstown, NZ?  Share your thoughts and experiences!

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