Garden Party

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I certainly don't have my own garden and haven't had the greenest of thumbs out there, but I love succulents, flowers, and pretty gardens.  My father was, and still is, obsessed with his back porch.  He meticulously planted bushes, tree, and plant pots to provide privacy, showcase the pond, and create a mood.  His rule: there is no time on the back porch.  I used to think he was nuts, but now I understand creating a space where you can just relax, enjoy nature, and escape into what you please.


  1. i love that way of thought - time doesn't exist on the porch! i'm going to follow that rule, especially as autumn approaches.

    1. I used to think he was crazy being so adamant about it. Now that I'm older, living away from my parents, I get it. I really does make sense and creates a relaxing mood.