List Item #39 - Move to Another Country

A few months ago I made the decision to uproot my life and move to Australia, specifically Perth, WA.  I've visited this country twice before for several weeks at a time, so I knew where I was going.  At least, I felt like I knew something about the place. But that was from a visitors stand point, and I'm no longer a visitor.

I got my Working Holiday Visa, cleaned out my room at home, packed as much as I could into my allocated luggage (and even had to stuff an extra bag with an extra cost), put all my works affairs in order, and traveled for 30+ hours to the other side of the world for a new life.

The months leading up to my departure were as regular and normal as any other days.  Even with closing accounts, turning in my notice that I won't be returning the following year to work, and downsizing my belongings, it never occurred to me how big this transition is.  Not even during my going away parties.

It wasn't until I was at the airport saying my goodbyes to my parents and best friend that it hit.  I finally realized what everyone was excited and nervous about. I was completely uprooting my life and what I know of life to the other side of the world.  I was no longer going to get to bug and annoy my parents regularly, have fun times with my friends of many years (in the flesh), or even see my dogs consistently.

I'm truly going to miss my USA life, but I'm so excited for my new Aussie life!  I've only been here a week and it still feels like just a holiday. Especially since I'm taking time to visit friends on the other side of the country. However, I did move all my stuff into our room, which surprisingly fit, and tried to make myself as comfortable as I could in my new home. Still adjusting, but that'll take time.

I've already had some wonderful welcomes into the country. My first Aussie love/friend made an "Aussie kit" for me out of an esky (Aussie for cooler) with Vegemite, mozzie (mosquito) repellent, Haviannas (flip flop brand), Paw Paw ointment (awesome for nearly anything), sunblock, Aussie Candy and more. I even got some love from some  friends traveling South America to welcome me into the country.

One thing I'm surprised about is at how I don't feel scared or worried about this move. I normally like to be in control of my life and have all my ducks lined up perfectly before any change. I'm shocked there's no anxiety at the moment, but maybe that'll just come later. I'm wondering if this is just the Aussie way because everyone I've come across or met seems just so laid back and not high-strung. Or maybe I'm just THAT comfortable? When I visited other countries I truly felt like a visitor and everything felt foreign. Since my first trip to the "Land Down Under" I somehow felt it was easy getting to know this land.

We shall see what the next few weeks brings as I adjust to a new and exciting life!