Spring Fashion, 2014

I love just playing around on the internet, shopping in my mind.  I'm trying really hard to save all my extra money towards my major move in just over 2 months.  However, I am a girl who enjoys some fashion, and with spring blooming away, it doesn't help with my urge to buy spring outfits.  Floral seems to be around all the sites and it's intriguing me.  I'm not a girl for the bright colors of spring, but it sure is growing on me.  I'm also not one for mixing prints, but I've been loving what other fashionistas have been mixing lately.  I'm wanting to step out of my fashion comfort zone and try new things.  Although I'm not a fan of brights and florals normally, I love pairing it with some edgy pieces!  (Let's see if I resist the urge to go out and buy this outfit.)

What have you been loving lately?