New Adventure: Australia Living

Some exciting news to share with you today.  If you've kept in touch with this blog in the past, or checked out the Australia tag, you would know that I quite enjoy visiting Australia.  Those wonderful, small adventures are about to turn into the biggest adventure of my life.  In June, I'm moving to Australia!  Yes, yes, moving!  I'll be moving my life to Perth, WA for at least a year. (If all goes well, it can be a move for the best.)

I was so focused on completing the paperwork and getting all things in order a few months ago, that I didn't realize how much of a big move this is.  After cleaning out my room and mentally deciding what to bring and what not to bring, it occurred to me how far away my new home will be.  Luckily, I've got friends in both Perth, WA and Melbourne, VIC that will help me adjust to this new life.

It's been winter both times I've visited Australia, and I'll be moving right into winter.  I'm excited to experience this beautiful country during the warmer months.  I feel this will be the true Aussie experience!  I'm also excited to spend more time with the people there and meet even more friends!  I'm used to keeping to myself here when I'm alone, especially while traveling.  I'm a bit paranoid.  However, in Australia, with all the lonely traveling I did between Perth and Melbourne, I've started nice conversations with several people.  I met a family traveling back to Perth and gave me a quick insight to the city before stepping foot on its soil.  I met a nice man who was going home after being away studying to be a pilot.  We talked about life in Australia and the US, especially since he wanted to have a chance to move to the states for a bit.  I met a girl coming home from traveling all over the US and getting ready to get settled back into her home in Sydney.  All genuine conversations while being friendly.  (Makes me come out of my shell a little more.)

I'm ready for all the new experiences this country has to offer! (And just check out all the backdrops!)

Have you ever been to Australia, and what do you think? Would you like to go?


  1. so happy for you! it'll be the best. and australia welcomes you. ;)

  2. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! I'm a huge lover of New York and I hope to one day spend some extended time there, whether it be a 3 month stay or whether I move there for an extended period I'm not sure yet, but just reading this makes me feel so much closer to it happening!
    I really hope everything works out for you and well done for having the guts to go for it!

    Sophie :)