Gold Lover

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I'll be showcasing things that have inspired me throughout the week, just in time for the weekend for you!  Let me know what you think of any of these items and share what has inspired you throughout the week!

There have been several things that I've been finding inspirational or just simply loving lately.

1.) I've been addicted to changing my desktop wallpaper every month with a new one that has a calendar!  This helps me out because I'm horrible at remembering the date but knowing what day of the week it is.  (This is a bit odd because I write the date on my board every morning for my students.)  Plus, this is a nice little update each month.  Design is Yay! has been my favorite "go to" for these wallpapers lately.

2.)I love some DIYs for any holiday, mainly because I can use them in my classroom.  These are a nice little treat that I think I'm going to have my students make for themselves and our Reading Buddies. We used to do orange ones and make Jack-o-Lanterns, but these are way cute!

3.) First of all, loving all the gold lately.  (Yep, I'm that girl that waited to get a new Gold iPhone 5s for 3 weeks and finally got it.) The notebooks on Sugar Paper are just adorable and fun!  I particularly like the gold polka dots and stripes.

4.) Isn't this camera  strap absolutely divine?  Bloom Theory have tons and tons of wonderful camera straps.  (A bit pricey for my liking, but a girl can dream!)  You can definitely let your personality pop with these!

5.) Who wants a store bought card when you can get unique cards like the ones on Dotted Design?  I particularly like this one! If I've got the time and think ahead, I either make my cards or find the perfect one on Etsy!  Such a variety on that site!

What has been inspiring you lately?


Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

With my second trip to visit my lovely friend in Melbourne, VIC, we decided we had to do something new for us this trip.  I suggested a trip to Sydney since it is one of the more popular "tourist" spots.  One of the big things we got to do is visit their zoo.  (She felt it would be much better than the zoo in Melbourne.)  It was completely massive!  We didn't get to thoroughly see everything they had to offer at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.  What I loved about this zoo that I didn't get to experience in other zoos is the enclosed structures that you can walk through with the animals.  I got to get so close to the kangaroos and emus! We also decided to splurge a bit and get to take a picture with a koala! You get a picture with it and get to take your own pictures as well.  Definitely a well spent experience for me!