List Item #77: Run a Marathon

With all the fun charity marathons out there, I've decided to add "Run a Marathon" to my list. My friends and I had been talking about doing one for a while, and this fun one fell right into our laps! If you're not familiar with the Color Me Rad 5k, you run and at certain points volunteers through powdered color (and ever squirt colored water) on you!  It was so much fun!  I'm not even a runner and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Check out all the pictures and the video at the end!


All Fired Up!

All Fired Up! is this wonderful place in Winter Park, FL, and I'm sure you've got something similar near you.  You go in and pick out an already made pottery piece that has a price on the bottom.  The price includes everything including all the paints you use and firing the piece at the end.  They tell you all about the paints and how to use the brushes, sponges, and stencils.  They even have these pens that make it easy for writing.  Once you're done, you turn in your painted pieces to get fired and they're ready for pick up within a week.

I kept it simple and not too fancy with the pottery piece and all the paints.  I didn't need to make anything, but my friend and I went because we had a Groupon where we only had to pay 50%.  I decided to make a mug for my classroom, which will probably be used to hold pencils and pens on my desk.

I love the end result!!  I have to say it was so much fun making, decorating, and using my creativeness.  The best thing was the atmosphere!  There were people of all ages creating something.  I loved these lovely, old women who sat near us with their wine.  They were happy and merry, just enjoying each other's company.  I highly recommend if you're in Central Florida (near Orlando) to go to All Fired Up! for a wonderful experience.

Lacey Dress

Outfit Details - Lacey Dress: I Heart Ronson at JCP,  Belt: Target

Have you been to JCPenny lately? Or should I say JCP?  With the "rebranding" comes changes and I have to say they upgraded!  I saw the LookBook and was tempted to go and have a shopping spree, but I need to save for my upcoming trip to Australia. (Look out for an upcoming post about the LookBook.)

Seriously, I'm such a sucker for lace dresses.  I can't tell you how many lace dresses I've bought in the past.  It makes me feel girly and fun.  I love the creamy color of this and how they incorporated the chambray in the collar down through the buttons. It think it gives it more of a casual feel, which is more my style.  I paired it with a color (spring) color skinny belt from Target, which I use for a couple of dresses and tops. And, of course, always some curl in my hair!  A nice, simple way to look somewhat dressed up for an Easter meal with the family.