Mood Board: Spring, 2013

It feels like Spring is constantly teasing me in Florida!  It's warm for a few days, gets chilly right before and during my Spring Break, and then it's back to warmth when I go back to work.  I'm desperately wanting the warmer time of the year to come back!  I've decided to create a mood board because Spring is just around the corner!

Color Palette: I've been loving the bright, neon yellow-green color.  I got two tops recently with this neon trend.  Some of my friends say it's not for them, but I love the pop of color!  It's fun and bright!  I've also been loving pairing grays with some neon, mainly a bright green.  (I love my sweater with these colors!)

Polka Dots: The layout, plenty of tops & dresses, my bedding, and anything & everything will most likely have polka dots!  I think it's just a fun style and makes anything ordinary seem more fun and playful.  (1, 2)

Bebas Neue: Font this font through several blogs.  I love how clean and simple it is.  I had to incorporate it in the new layout! You can get it here!

Peonies: I was never much of a flower kind of girl growing up.  I remember a boy in high school asked me to Prom (who I wanted to go with) and gave me flowers.  It made me a little uncomfortable because I never really got them before and I got attention from classmates.  However, lately I've been loving them!  I used to love tulips and normally adore daisies.  Peonies are a new flower to pop up in my likings! They just look so lovely! (1)

Spring Fashion: I'm usually more of a monochrome kind of girl when it comes to fashion.  I am a creature of habit and usually just buy gray, white, and black pieces.  However, I've been loving the bright colors in Spring fashion.  Especially when you pair them with monochrome, gives you a pop of Spring!

Beach: Seriously, I've been wanting and waiting to just sit on the beach and relax in the sun!  I miss the salt & sand in my hair.  I usually go by myself because my friends are busy with work and life, but I still love it!  (1)

Lauren Conrad: Since there isn't much to do outside and I don't want to go out and spend my money, I've been staying in for most of my break.  What have I been doing?  Beside being a nerd online, I've been rewatching The Hills.  Oh, the drama on that show!  It makes me miss seeing how the girls were doing in the fashion world.  I wish they would've aired the show Lauren filmed about creating her fashion line, but they thought it wouldn't "appeal to audiences of MTV" (because of no drama).  Apparently, she can do no wrong in my book.  Bit of a girl crush.  Love her Beauty & Style books, her line at Kohl's, her Paper Crown line (too expensive for my budget though), and more.

What have you been obsessing about lately?  Any inspiration?


  1. Hi Stephanie! I love your Blog - so lovely it is! I also just love that you have a feature "to do" at the end of blog posts which takes me direct to my Astrid - love that! Thanks for visiting my Blog.

    Popping over from SITS Sharefest.

  2. love the mood board, and i wish it was spring already! x

  3. I love polka dots as well! I'm looking to purchase some new bedding as well! Where did you buy polka dot bedding from?

  4. I got it from IKEA awhile back. It was on sale! However, I'm not sure if it's still there.

  5. Amazing color palette! x

    <3 Melissa

  6. I´m always a fan of polka dots - it looks so cute! :-)

  7. Thanks for this great post. I love polka dots. I just bought the most beautiful dress from People Tree that is fairtrade organic cotton, cowl neck, circle skirt (very 50s), red, and covered in polka dots! I just adore it. I'm glad to have found your blog, I found you through BBN.

    Lauren x

  8. This is so lovely, put me right in the mood for spring. If only the sun would come out and it would actually feel like spring!

  9. The idea of this mood blog is amazing! love it.