Disney's Flower & Garden Festival, 2013

Disney's Flower and Garden Festival is here at Epcot! You know me, any day at Disney is a good day!  My friend and I decided to spend an entire day at Epcot to attend this and all the fun they have to offer.  I'm not a big gardener or anything, but it's still a site to see!  All the topiaries are amazing and all over the park.  (They even have Peter Pan on top of one of the buildings in "England.")  The more amazing thing that I didn't realize they had were presentations from HGTV hosts and classes regarding horticulture.  Again, I am horrible when it comes to gardening, but even I fund them interesting!

Make sure to check out my friend, Victor, at his blog: http://www.Hortipopia.com!


  1. That looks looks so cute! And the gardening classes would have been cool as well. :)

  2. This is sooo pretty! I think my favorite is the Tea Garden. It looks like you had a great time :) Ps. I love your outfit!


  3. That looks amazing!! The lion king one is too incredible. Man, I want to go to Disney World and Epcot so bad! Here's the kicker - I was born in Florida, grew up on the GA/FL border, got married in FL, and I've never been to Disney World or any of the parks there :( How lame is that? Disneyland is so much closer to me now, and we've been there a few times, but I want to make a special trip back to the East Coast for some Disney fun out there.