Mood Board: Spring, 2013

It feels like Spring is constantly teasing me in Florida!  It's warm for a few days, gets chilly right before and during my Spring Break, and then it's back to warmth when I go back to work.  I'm desperately wanting the warmer time of the year to come back!  I've decided to create a mood board because Spring is just around the corner!

Color Palette: I've been loving the bright, neon yellow-green color.  I got two tops recently with this neon trend.  Some of my friends say it's not for them, but I love the pop of color!  It's fun and bright!  I've also been loving pairing grays with some neon, mainly a bright green.  (I love my sweater with these colors!)

Polka Dots: The layout, plenty of tops & dresses, my bedding, and anything & everything will most likely have polka dots!  I think it's just a fun style and makes anything ordinary seem more fun and playful.  (1, 2)

Bebas Neue: Font this font through several blogs.  I love how clean and simple it is.  I had to incorporate it in the new layout! You can get it here!

Peonies: I was never much of a flower kind of girl growing up.  I remember a boy in high school asked me to Prom (who I wanted to go with) and gave me flowers.  It made me a little uncomfortable because I never really got them before and I got attention from classmates.  However, lately I've been loving them!  I used to love tulips and normally adore daisies.  Peonies are a new flower to pop up in my likings! They just look so lovely! (1)

Spring Fashion: I'm usually more of a monochrome kind of girl when it comes to fashion.  I am a creature of habit and usually just buy gray, white, and black pieces.  However, I've been loving the bright colors in Spring fashion.  Especially when you pair them with monochrome, gives you a pop of Spring!

Beach: Seriously, I've been wanting and waiting to just sit on the beach and relax in the sun!  I miss the salt & sand in my hair.  I usually go by myself because my friends are busy with work and life, but I still love it!  (1)

Lauren Conrad: Since there isn't much to do outside and I don't want to go out and spend my money, I've been staying in for most of my break.  What have I been doing?  Beside being a nerd online, I've been rewatching The Hills.  Oh, the drama on that show!  It makes me miss seeing how the girls were doing in the fashion world.  I wish they would've aired the show Lauren filmed about creating her fashion line, but they thought it wouldn't "appeal to audiences of MTV" (because of no drama).  Apparently, she can do no wrong in my book.  Bit of a girl crush.  Love her Beauty & Style books, her line at Kohl's, her Paper Crown line (too expensive for my budget though), and more.

What have you been obsessing about lately?  Any inspiration?


Favorite Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Hello Spring Fashion!  There are many Spring trends happening on the runways and in stores lately.  I love them and want to experiment with them into my own personal style, however, I'm saving up for my upcoming Australia trip.  (Need to save, save, save, and resist!)  There are two trends that I will definitely invest in this Spring.  I'm loving the Black & White trend (always & forever) and, surprisingly, the Cutouts/Peekaboo trend.  There are so many others that are fun for Spring.  (IE. Statement Glasses, Bold Stripes, and even the youthful Quirky Print Shorts.)

Black & White Spring Trend, this one is probably my most favorite!  I've always gravitated towards blacks and whites because it never goes out of style and fun to accessorize. I LOVED Jason Wu's take on this trend.  All of the looks were sleek & chic! A little WAY out of my budget with several thousands of dollars for each piece.  However, this is an easy look to do on a bargain because you can find this anywhere.

I love this trend because, for me, it never goes out of style.  You always look put-together and stylish with this trend.  (Does Black ever go old?)  My friend has a wardrobe of nothing but Black and White.  Once she decided to give a little color in her life, she realized the pop of color can go with anything in her wardrobe.  It's so versatile and you can easily play it up or down. I love, love, love to play with accessories with Black & White.  You can either stay on trend or be adventurous with color, patterns, and numerous styles.  (Remember Eva Mendes in the white Dior dress at the Golden Globes in 2009?  That turquoise statement necklace with it was amazing!)

This look can easily be attainable on a budget and can probably be found anywhere!  Check out the very similar Calvin Klein at Macy's for waaaaay cheaper!  (Slimming look too!)  I'll definitely be finding some statement pieces with this trend!

Spring Cutouts/Peekaboo Trend. WOW, those two looks from Sass & Bide and Versace!  Love their looks!  Completely unattainable with my "checkbook," but don't they look amazing?  Definitely a style that is a statement on its own.  I would definitely style this trend less and keep the focus on the dress/top. This trend is a little more adventurous for me and I'm still skeptic of investing in this.  However, if you're a girl who likes to go for the trend or isn't afraid to stand out, this is the look for you.

I love the Cutout look at NastyGal.  (You can easily search this trend by going to their site and searching "Cutout."  You'll get so many options to choose from.)  Definitely more affordable and more fun. I love the one on the far right.  The pyramid detailing reminds me a bit of the Sass & Bide style.  The color on the far left is similar to Versace's, but not as detailed.  They even have amazing prints with cutouts.

What's your favorite Spring 2013 Trend?  Looking forward to try anything out?

Disney's Flower & Garden Festival, 2013

Disney's Flower and Garden Festival is here at Epcot! You know me, any day at Disney is a good day!  My friend and I decided to spend an entire day at Epcot to attend this and all the fun they have to offer.  I'm not a big gardener or anything, but it's still a site to see!  All the topiaries are amazing and all over the park.  (They even have Peter Pan on top of one of the buildings in "England.")  The more amazing thing that I didn't realize they had were presentations from HGTV hosts and classes regarding horticulture.  Again, I am horrible when it comes to gardening, but even I fund them interesting!

Make sure to check out my friend, Victor, at his blog:!


List Item #35: Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree

I never thought that graduating from college/university was that big of an accomplishment.  Then I look back on my family's history.  I'm the first one in my family to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree.  There were some long semesters with 18+ credit hours, tons and tons of Education classes with more projects and less exams, and internships where I learned a great deal.  Then finally it's graduation time.  If I had it my way, I don't know if I'd care to walk across that stage after my name is called in front of thousands of people.  However, I know how sentimental my parents are and how I know they would want me to walk.  Little do they know, I only did it for them.  It wasn't until recently I realized how much of an accomplishment it is.  It just seemed like going to regular school to me, like I did all my life.

Blame the teacher in me, but I'm all about education.  Especially furthering your education & knowledge.  Any kind, as long as you're constantly growing and learning.  I honestly feel that no matter when you finish "school," you're always learning throughout every day of your life.  I went onto the next step in life and got my teaching job and followed my career.  I'm the teacher and every day I still feel like I'm always learning something new.

And now?  I want to further my education in Education with a Master's Degree.  (However, I prefer to cut down on my student loans and start grad school with no debt.  That and possibly in another country and learn twice as much?)  Again, I'm all about education.

Disney's Be Our Guest

Last week my friends and I went to Fantasyland in Disney's Magic Kingdom.  We had made reservations back in November 2012 to eat at the new Be Our Guest dining experience.  It's Beast's castle and throughout dinner he comes out to greet his guests.  It looks quite nice inside and has all sorts of cool decor just like in the movie.  There is a room where you can see the wilting flower.  (The camera definitely couldn't pick up that image.)  The food was delicious!  For once, I actually didn't think my food was overpriced.  :)  They have wine options for the adults, a first for Magic Kingdom.  And, definitely check out the dessert menu!

Check out the gorgeous ceiling!  I love that chandelier!

My DELICIOUS food!  I believe it was called the "Ratatouille."

One of the lovely dessert choices!

Before you exit, you can get in line for a picture with Beast!

After dinner with everyone!  We definitely recommend checking out Disney's Be Our Guest!
(We're even thinking about going again.)