And they called it puppy love.

My brother's dog just had puppies and they're getting bigger!  They're showing personality and spunk.  This one was already sold, but I just simply adore her.  Secretly I've already named her Leila, because of Eric Clapton's song "Layla, you got me on my knees, Layla" and spelled Leila because of where I grew up (Hawaii, Lei, get it?).  But it's probably a good thing she's already "sold" or "spoken for," I shouldn't be investing in a dog yet.  Money and time are not always my friend at the moment, considering I'm planning another month+ long trip to Australia.  But isn't she just adorable?


Disney's Epcot!

I'm absolutely addicted to Disney's Epcot, especially in October during the Food & Wine Festival.  I love Epcot because you basically get to travel a mini world in one day.  Each country has it's own theme and fun things to experience.  I've started watching the mini-movies that go along with China, France, and I hope to catch Canada's soon.  There are people from that country working there, so you can chat with foreigners about their country and life.  They're always so friendly and happy!

Now October, it's almost a whole different atmosphere!  There are more adults than kids in the countries.  Everyone is loud, excited, and merry! It makes you enjoy Epcot even more!  You get to try drinks and food from each country.  And if you're a fan of beer, there are a couple of stands to just try different beers.  I simply just love being there during that month, and I've spent my birthday there for 3 years now.  Definitely worth going!