Lauren Conrad's Style & Beauty Books

 I'm absolutely obsessed/addicted to Lauren Conrad's Style and Beauty Books!  When Style came out, it was near my birthday and I bought the book as a birthday gift to myself.  I couldn't put it down.  I love her style, simple, classic, and chic.  Then Beauty came out again right before my birthday and of course I bought the book as a gift to myself again!  I have (so far) found this book just as informative as the first.  She gives tips and tutorials on hair and makeup!  She also goes into other beauty aspects of life, such as skincare, taking care of your body inside and out, keeping yourself stress free, and so on.  A lot of the things can be common sense, but I love the packaging of the books.  Everything is written out crisp and clean.  I love to refer back to it to remind myself of things to do for myself.  I recommend every get themselves a copy or check it out!
I love how her style is changed a bit over the years, but she doesn't stray too far from herself!  

Do you have Lauren's Style or Beauty book?  What do you think?

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