The Oxford Shirt

I will be posting about my biggest obsession for the week on Sundays called "Sunday Obsessions."  These will be random things that I am addicted to during the week and can't get enough of them.  This week's obsession is the Oxford Shirt.

I love these shirts!  I am a fan of classic style that is to stay around for time and time again, think timeless.  I feel these shirts, especially in a white or blue, are completely timeless.  The material holds up very well that can last you a long time, if they're taken care of.  I'm a bit of a prep-nerd that I love these shirts with a nice tweed (pattern) pant or classic work pant.  (Blame my profession of being a teacher.)

I love layering an Oxford Shirt.  They look absolutely great paired with a comfy cardigan or a nice pullover sweater.  I live in Florida where the weather doesn't allow me to wear these outfits year-round, or for even a good length amount of time.  It's great to wear with a thick, comfy sweater, no need for a coat in Florida winters (most of the time).  If you live in an area that can get chilly or breezy, this is a great shirt to wear without needing a jacket.

Heavier shirts with darker colors and patterns are great for Fall and Winter.  Lighter shirts with bright colors are a nice, chic look in Spring and into Summer.  I prefer small patterns on these shirts to keep them more versatile, but patterns can be fun with this shirt.  It can be the piece of clothing that pops out and grabs attention.  Classic Oxford Shirts in a light blue and classic white are timeless and can be worn any season.  I love pairing them with a dark denim for a chic, well-tailored look.  You can easily dress it up with a pop of color with your accessories.  I like a flat with a fun color.

You can find these shirts anywhere and in any price!  My top picks are the ones featured in the image at Madewell and J. Crew.  I'll definitely be getting some for work!  Here are some others I enjoyed:

1. Shrunken Prep Shirt located at Nordstrom, $39.00 USD - They have several patterns here and are great for Juniors.  These are easily affordable and come in fun colors and patterns, plus classic patterns. My personal pick is the Checker Cream-Bone pattern.
2. Perfect Oxford Shirt at, $49.95 - These are your classic Oxford shirt in both light blue and white.  Easily paired with any cardigan, sweater, or jacket. This one also comes in Petite and Tall.
3. Oxford Favorite Shirt at American Eagle Outfitters, $29.99 (On Sale) - Best price yet.  It's on sale, so act quick.  I used to work for American Eagle for a couple years and I still believe that their classic/favorite items last a long time (as long as you take care of them).  These shirts are made from good material and never frayed or destroyed on me.

You can find these shirts in your local stores and all over the internet.  Find the one that works for you!

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