List Item #75: Own a Pair of Louboutins

I don't claim to be some fashionista or fashion expert, but I do tend to enjoy and appreciate fashion.  I'm a HUGE fan of pieces that are simple, classic, and timeless.  If I ever spend lots of money on an item, it'll be on something I plan to have for a long time.  (That way I get my money's worth!)  My mom is a fan of the big name brands out there, not so much for me.  However, I am a sucker for some Christian Louboutins simple black heels/pumps.  My best friend and I thought of ways for me to save up money and buy a pair for myself. My mom likes to surprise me and beat me to the punch.  Last year for my birthday my parents bought me a pair.

This was when I opened my gift.  I was completely shocked and didn't expect that.
I cried.  (I cry when I'm sad or happy.)

 Wearing the shoes for the first time on Thanksgiving!

I have to admit that I’m a little afraid to wear these shoes on a regular basis.  1.) I don’t want to scratch them or wear them in too much.  I want to make them last for as long as I can.  2.) I’m not a girl who wears heels regularly, only on special occasions.  They’re quite high and I’m afraid of falling over.  3.) I’m also afraid of the attention they bring.  I don’t like to call attention to me and people tend to notice these shoes.

But I will say that after wearing them several times, to special occasions, I’m definitely a fan of them.  Will I by another pair?  Probably not due to my teacher salary and the pricing.  Do I recommend a girl have at least one pair?  Yes, definitely as that staple heel.  They are quite comfortable despite the height of the heel.  I have weird feet and one foot is bigger than the other.  However, they fit nicely.  (I’m just not used to heels, so I can’t wear them for a long time.)

I appreciate some of the fancier pairs that Christian Louboutin has released, but they’re not for a girl like me.  I’m more of a simple, classic girl who likes things that go with everything. 

What do you think of Christian Louboutins? 

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