List Item #64: Visit Australia

Some of the items on my list require me to travel to new places, because there are all sorts of things to experience in a new place.  I've had friends in Australia that I met while they were in America.  I'd rather visit a new country with a friend who lives there.  You experience more of the regular life rather than the typical "touristy" things.  (I got both with this trip.)  For about a month over the Summer of 2011 I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my friends Chloe in Melbourne and Sam in Perth.  I got to see both coasts.  I went during their "winter" seasons, so it was a change from the heat during a Florida summer in July.  Although I was there for 3 weeks, I don't think it was a long enough trip because I didn't wnat to leave.  I go to go on a few road trips, went camping, went to the Ningaloo Reef/Exmouth, snorkeled and went fishing, drive south to see the penguins (even helped rescue a hurt one), drive along the Great Ocean Road, see the 12 Apostles in person, meet new friends, try new foods, and so much more!

I spent the first couple of days with Chloe (top picture on the left)
and she showed me around the lovely city of Melbourne.

Then I flew to Perth to spend time with Sam.  We spent most of my time there with a trip to Exmouth.

Since it was more north, the weather was warmer. (Think 70s in Fahrenheit.)
Sam (bottom picture on the left) and I spent our time being outdoors and camping.

Then I went back to Melbourne to spend more time with Chloe.  We went on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 Apostles landmark and stops along the way.

I would recommend everyone to visit this wonderful country.  It's such a nice place and everyone (no exaggeration, EVERYONE) is absolutely so friendly and wonderful.  THe atmosphere is so laid back and nice. I can't wait to go again!

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