And they called it puppy love.

My brother's dog just had puppies and they're getting bigger!  They're showing personality and spunk.  This one was already sold, but I just simply adore her.  Secretly I've already named her Leila, because of Eric Clapton's song "Layla, you got me on my knees, Layla" and spelled Leila because of where I grew up (Hawaii, Lei, get it?).  But it's probably a good thing she's already "sold" or "spoken for," I shouldn't be investing in a dog yet.  Money and time are not always my friend at the moment, considering I'm planning another month+ long trip to Australia.  But isn't she just adorable?


Disney's Epcot!

I'm absolutely addicted to Disney's Epcot, especially in October during the Food & Wine Festival.  I love Epcot because you basically get to travel a mini world in one day.  Each country has it's own theme and fun things to experience.  I've started watching the mini-movies that go along with China, France, and I hope to catch Canada's soon.  There are people from that country working there, so you can chat with foreigners about their country and life.  They're always so friendly and happy!

Now October, it's almost a whole different atmosphere!  There are more adults than kids in the countries.  Everyone is loud, excited, and merry! It makes you enjoy Epcot even more!  You get to try drinks and food from each country.  And if you're a fan of beer, there are a couple of stands to just try different beers.  I simply just love being there during that month, and I've spent my birthday there for 3 years now.  Definitely worth going!


Lauren Conrad's Style & Beauty Books

 I'm absolutely obsessed/addicted to Lauren Conrad's Style and Beauty Books!  When Style came out, it was near my birthday and I bought the book as a birthday gift to myself.  I couldn't put it down.  I love her style, simple, classic, and chic.  Then Beauty came out again right before my birthday and of course I bought the book as a gift to myself again!  I have (so far) found this book just as informative as the first.  She gives tips and tutorials on hair and makeup!  She also goes into other beauty aspects of life, such as skincare, taking care of your body inside and out, keeping yourself stress free, and so on.  A lot of the things can be common sense, but I love the packaging of the books.  Everything is written out crisp and clean.  I love to refer back to it to remind myself of things to do for myself.  I recommend every get themselves a copy or check it out!
I love how her style is changed a bit over the years, but she doesn't stray too far from herself!  

Do you have Lauren's Style or Beauty book?  What do you think?

Sunday Obsession: D.I.Y. Crafts!

I'm addicted to crafting, especially when I can make it for my classroom.  I love D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) projects because they take up time on a slow day and allows you to have time to yourself.  You get a bonus in the end, a fun craft!

A lot of my D.I.Y. ideas I use is when I'm sending mail to friends and loved ones all over the world.  It's a small, inexpensive gift that can come from the heart.  Below are some D.I.Y. crafts I've done or plan to do.

You can find more D.I.Y. projects and crafts at my Pinterest Board: DIY & Crafts!

Do you have your own favorite D.I.Y. craft/link?  Share with us!

The Oxford Shirt

I will be posting about my biggest obsession for the week on Sundays called "Sunday Obsessions."  These will be random things that I am addicted to during the week and can't get enough of them.  This week's obsession is the Oxford Shirt.

I love these shirts!  I am a fan of classic style that is to stay around for time and time again, think timeless.  I feel these shirts, especially in a white or blue, are completely timeless.  The material holds up very well that can last you a long time, if they're taken care of.  I'm a bit of a prep-nerd that I love these shirts with a nice tweed (pattern) pant or classic work pant.  (Blame my profession of being a teacher.)


List Item #75: Own a Pair of Louboutins

I don't claim to be some fashionista or fashion expert, but I do tend to enjoy and appreciate fashion.  I'm a HUGE fan of pieces that are simple, classic, and timeless.  If I ever spend lots of money on an item, it'll be on something I plan to have for a long time.  (That way I get my money's worth!)  My mom is a fan of the big name brands out there, not so much for me.  However, I am a sucker for some Christian Louboutins simple black heels/pumps.  My best friend and I thought of ways for me to save up money and buy a pair for myself. My mom likes to surprise me and beat me to the punch.  Last year for my birthday my parents bought me a pair.

This was when I opened my gift.  I was completely shocked and didn't expect that.
I cried.  (I cry when I'm sad or happy.)

 Wearing the shoes for the first time on Thanksgiving!

I have to admit that I’m a little afraid to wear these shoes on a regular basis.  1.) I don’t want to scratch them or wear them in too much.  I want to make them last for as long as I can.  2.) I’m not a girl who wears heels regularly, only on special occasions.  They’re quite high and I’m afraid of falling over.  3.) I’m also afraid of the attention they bring.  I don’t like to call attention to me and people tend to notice these shoes.

But I will say that after wearing them several times, to special occasions, I’m definitely a fan of them.  Will I by another pair?  Probably not due to my teacher salary and the pricing.  Do I recommend a girl have at least one pair?  Yes, definitely as that staple heel.  They are quite comfortable despite the height of the heel.  I have weird feet and one foot is bigger than the other.  However, they fit nicely.  (I’m just not used to heels, so I can’t wear them for a long time.)

I appreciate some of the fancier pairs that Christian Louboutin has released, but they’re not for a girl like me.  I’m more of a simple, classic girl who likes things that go with everything. 

What do you think of Christian Louboutins? 

List Item #64: Visit Australia

Some of the items on my list require me to travel to new places, because there are all sorts of things to experience in a new place.  I've had friends in Australia that I met while they were in America.  I'd rather visit a new country with a friend who lives there.  You experience more of the regular life rather than the typical "touristy" things.  (I got both with this trip.)  For about a month over the Summer of 2011 I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my friends Chloe in Melbourne and Sam in Perth.  I got to see both coasts.  I went during their "winter" seasons, so it was a change from the heat during a Florida summer in July.  Although I was there for 3 weeks, I don't think it was a long enough trip because I didn't wnat to leave.  I go to go on a few road trips, went camping, went to the Ningaloo Reef/Exmouth, snorkeled and went fishing, drive south to see the penguins (even helped rescue a hurt one), drive along the Great Ocean Road, see the 12 Apostles in person, meet new friends, try new foods, and so much more!

My Lifetime To-Do List

Disclaimer: I am always thinking of random things that I want to do in my life. The items on this list are things I want to do in life just to experience it, things I want (tangible items), and others are for helping me grow as a person. Some are for motivating me to achieve more and some are for pure enjoyment. The list is always growing and sometimes I'll add things after I have done them. Learn more about our mission and how you can create your own Lifetime To-Do List.

001. Visit England
002. Write a children’s book
003. Read the entire Bible
✓ 004. Go back & visit Hawaii (where I grew up)
005. Write & illustrate a children’s picture book✓ 006. Start my own online store/business
007. Visit Rome, Italy
008. Learn to speak Italian
009. Road trip up the Eastern Coast (I-95) in the U.S.
010. Visit the “4 Corners”
011. Learn to play the piano
012. See snow fall from the sky
013. Learn to use the sewing machine
014. Design & create an entire outfit from scratch
015. Bake a big/fancy cake (similar to the wedding cakes) or cookies
016. Backpack through Europe
017. See the Peter Pan statue in person
✓ 018. Create a short video clip
019. Own a large collection of books
✓ 020. Take a Road Trip
021. Visit the castle in Harry Potter
022. Visit Canada
023. See the Guernica painting in person
024. Visit Prague
025. See the Great Wall of China
026. Sell a painting
027. Help build a house
028. Learn to speak French
029. Visit Paris, France
030. (Somehow) Attend Fashion Week
✓ 031. Go to Seattle
✓ 032. Teach overseas
033. Go to New York City
✓ 034. Work as a Camp Counselor
035. Graduate with a Bachelor’s
036. Knit a piece of clothing
037. Make a purse, wallet, and/or planner case
038. Graduate with a Master’s
039. Move to another country that I haven’t lived in yet
040. Create a silkscreen poster
041. See the Grand Canyon
✓ 042. Visit New Orleans
043. Tour around a historic town
044. Take voice lessons
045. Gamble in Las Vegas
046. Have a bonfire
047. Donate hair to “Locks of Love”
✓ 048. Fall in love
049. Make a difference in someone’s life
050. Decorate a room entirely from scratch
✓ 051. Live on my own
✓ 052. Visit a museum of a famous painter - Salvador Dali
053. Have a “Harry Potter” themed party
054. Make up a dance routine
✓ 055. Be confident
056. Visit New Zealand
057. Do some sort of extreme/adrenaline activity
058. Give blood
059. Visit Slovenia
060. Go on a ghost tour
061. Get a teaching job
062. Knit a piece of clothing
✓ 063. Fall in love again
064. Visit Australia
065. Visit the my favorite libraries on this list
✓ 066. Visit Platform 9 3/4
067. Read some books on this list
068. Style an outfit for someone from scratch
✓ 069. Experience a music festival
✓ 070. Move out of my parents' house
071. Take a cooking class
072. Watch a movie outside/in the park
073. Take a drawing class
✓ 074. Camp outside
075. Own a pair of Louboutins
076. Raise money for a charity (Charity Choice: Pencils of Promise, Inspiration Post)
077. Run a marathon - Half-Marathon, Color Me Rad 5k
✓ 078. Visit Chicago
✓ 079. Recreate a "Ferris Bueller" picture
✓ 080. Learn to bake (fancy cookies, cake, cupcakes) (Inspiration)
081. Become more knowledgable in politics
082. Own a Chanel purse
✓ 083. Visit the Georgia Aquarium
084. Make a scrapbook of my "Lifetime To Do List"
✓ 085. Road Trip: Great Ocean Road (Aus)
✓ 086. See the Sydney Opera House
087. Vacation in Bali
088. Start Vlogs (to incorporate with the blog)
✓ 089. Learn how to snowboard
090. Visit Japan
091. Go to the top of Tokyo Tower
092. Visit Mexico
093. Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico
094. Learn and enhance design skills
095. Print custom cards made by me
096. Create/Design my own font
097. Become an Australian citizen
098. Rescue a dog from a shelter
099. Get my own snowboarding kit
100. Go down a black diamond run on a snowboard

✓ - Items completed, see links for entry posts. (Entries are pending if not linked.)

Originally created: 23rd February 2008

Last Updated: 27th September 2016