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Loch Sport, VIC

Photo Credit @clobert

Upside to Spending Time in the Country Life
  1. Destress from everyday life
  2. Spend quality time with friends/family
  3. Go "off the grid," but still access to be connected
  4. Get moving
  5. Happy mood when you get back to the city

Living in the Land Down Under

Steps Towards My Visa Approval
  1. February 2014 Applied and approved for Work and Holiday Visa in Australia
  2. June 2014 Moved to Australia
  3. April 2015 Applied for my Partner Visa in Australia
  4. June 2015 Started working as a Full-Time teacher in Australia
  5. Dec 2015 Ended my first year teaching in Australia
  6. Dec 2015 - Jan 2016 Went home to visit my family and friends in Orlando, FL
  7. April 2016 Visa being processed & was asked for more information
  8. May 2016 Still asking for more information for my Visa
  9. 1st July 2016 Visa is approved!

List Item #90: Visit Japan

There's just absolutely TOO much to post about my experience in Japan in one post!  I decided to create a post for each of my favorite parts about our trip to Japan with tons and tons of pictures.  I recommend everyone to take the chance and visit this country, especially Tokyo.  It's got to be on my top list of favorite (& cleanest) cities ever!

Japan: Ramen Bowl

When I used to hear "ramen" I would think of microwave noodles with a seasoning packet with way too much salt.  (Top Ramen anyone?)  Well,  the real Japanese ramen bowl deal is where it is all at!  We went in winter and nothing tasted or felt better than a nice hot, steaming bowl of ramen!  And they were everywhere!

List Item #91: Tokyo Tower

One of the things I wanted to do was to check out a view of Tokyo, all of Tokyo!  At first I wanted to go to Skytree because it was taller and you could see more.  However, the days that worked out for our schedule ended up being the day it was closed and really rainy.  So, we decided to go to Tokyo Tower instead because it was open on the clear day.  (**Keep in mind of the days each attractions are open and their prices before you decide to go.  Tokyo Tower is the cheaper option and still gives great views.)